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It’s been a month since my last blog post. How time flies. When I was young time seemed to stretch endlessly but the older I get the more it seems compressed and I have to take time to be still and feel beyond time as a construct that can bind me into certain ways of thinking and acting.

A lot has happened in the past month. It was my 58th and my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. My sons are all on the move - one has gone to Canada for a few months, another is finishing a contract and moving to Australia shortly, and another has moved house. My mother is unwell and as an only child and daughter I have been supporting her and navigating New Zealand’s health system to get my 92 year old father into respite, awaiting an assessment for longer term rest home or dementia care. My consulting work has been intense and keeping up with daily self care routines has been challenging albeit essential for balance and wellbeing.

To manage my energy I have been doing silent and guided meditations, qigong, pilates, yoga, and listening to music and inspiring speakers including from the @spiritual growth forum I spoke at, and watching Gaia and a few movies. I have also been out into my garden, weather permitting to ground and am eating well. I have delved into a book by Blue Marsden called Soul Plan and done a soul plan reading for myself. The reading has given me another layer of soul information, some of which I already knew and some which was new but makes sense so I would recommend. I have also done a Beyond Quantum Healing session with @Kristin Kwarn which was enlightening and also recommended.

What has been reaffirmed for me through the last month is the passage of time is relative to my perception and I have the ability to slow it down to what feels good for me. As such I have cancelled things less important. I have put other things on the back burner and focussed on and created space for what is a priority which is my whanau, and my inner peace and balance.

So if you are feeling the passage of time or overwhelmed, remember you are in control of your energy, thoughts and actions, and if you need support managing your energy just reach out 💖💫


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