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Summer Solstice and Heart

In New Zealand it is summer solstice. The word solstice comes from the Latin sol ("sun") and sistere ("to stand still"), because at the solstice the Sun's daily path pauses at a northern or southern limit before seemingly reversing direction. Summer solstice in the southern hemisphere marks when the south pole is at maximum tilt towards the sun.

It is also when Te Rā, the sun god, leaves his wife Hine Raumati, the Summer Maiden, and starts his long journey back to Hine Takurua, the Winter Maiden. Hine Raumati resides on the land and supports all food that grows on Papatuānuku, Mother Earth. Summer is a time to harvest fruits of the sea, land and sky. The star Rehua (Antares or Betelgeuse) rises above the horizon around dawn. The pohutukawa bloom. Energetic transmissions are heightened. Mahuika, the fire goddess, is with us as temperatures soar and give birth to light and new opportunities as we enter 2024.

It is also a time for remembering the fire element within our hearts. The electrical pulsation that is always with us and the great conductor of our body’s rhythms and electro-magnetic field. We are in our best energetic state when there is coherence between our heart and brain. Coherence assists us with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and creativity. So here is a meditation for opening greater heart and brain coherence this summer solstice:

💖 Close your eyes and focus on your heart space. Imagine your breath is flowing deeply in and out of your heart.

💖As you breathe in, charge your breath’s energy with genuine heartfelt unconditional love.

💖Radiate love out to the universal field from your heart and see it lifting your loved ones’ spirits and connecting and opening their hearts.

💖Radiate love and compassion to all who you need to forgive and who you think or feel need to forgive you.

💖Radiate love to all those are just surviving or suffering from sadness, war, disasters, hunger, abuse, fear or hopelessness.

💖Close by imagining more beings awakening to the powerful benefits of radiating love, kindness and compassion to each other and connecting to you from their heart.

📸Doug Healey


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