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On a Mission

Do you feel driven by a mission? For as long as I remember, I have been on a mission. My current mission as an energy realignment coach is transforming lives through energy mastery, healing and soul realignment.

As an international development and humanitarian consultant, and former diplomat and public servant, my mission has been about saving and transforming lives through lifting people out of poverty and supporting their resilience through conflicts and disasters.

In my personal life, I have sought to support family, friends, and partners transform their lives.

What I have sometimes lost track of is realising I am also responsible for transforming my own life and I won't complete my mission if I don't come from place of soul level authenticity.

As a soul with compassion as my primary soul gift, I have in the past tipped over into the dysfunctional aspect of this gift which is sacrifice. In doing so I have become overly focussed on others to the point trying to rescue them and losing track of my own creative experience which has on occasion cost me wellbeing and abundance.

We need to be self aware and self nominating if we want to transform our lives.

Through our Akashic Records, we can better understand why we as souls have decided to incarnate and what mission we have given ourselves to complete in this lifetime. We can also better understand the positive and negative polarities of our soul gifts and how to stay in soul alignment.

So if you need support to transform your life by understanding who you are at soul level, be in contact. It will help you complete whatever mission you have set yourself and make for a much easier life path if you are willing to take soul aligned action.


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