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Life is about Learning

Do you like to learn? How do you learn? Do you learn by doing, listening, feeling, watching, being coached, mentored or through more formal training? Or a mixture? Which do you prefer?

In recent years and particularly over Covid, I have definitely done a mix. I have sought out courses online and in person. Some have had communities attached and others self guided. I like a bit of both as while I am pretty self motivated and value a lot of alone time, community interaction always brings new perspectives, energies and friendships. I have also invested in one on one coaching to take me out of my comfort zone and change some of my limiting beliefs and programming. Learning has brought me back to the wonder of life and myself.

My biggest growth has been around self embodiment and authenticity - learning by being, doing, applying and practicing what I have learnt. My biggest lessons have been around being more present, more consciously aware of myself, my energy and my emotions, and how I interact with my environment. I have taken time to heal and reconnect to myself particularly at soul level, my guides, my whanau, and the universe. I have learnt to love myself unconditionally and be more at peace. And given life still throws challenges to help me grow, I am still learning each and every day.

Learning is life long. As spiritual and energetic beings, we come into the world to grow, evolve and shine our light. We do not come to stagnate, get stuck, and live in darkness and despair. We come to learn and heal individually and collectively, and support those around us do the same so our cups can be full and overflowing.

So please take time to invest in your growth however that looks for you. You are worth it and learning is life changing.

And if you want to transform your life, master your energy, heal and be more soul aligned, just reach out. 💖💫


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