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Home is where the heart is

After two weeks back from a short trip to Greece and finally over my jetlag, I have been reflecting on how nice it is to be able to travel but equally how lovely it is to be home.

On my travels to Greece and Dubai, I saw some wonderful sights, had some experiences which were amazing (some which took me out of my comfort zone), spent quality time with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen for five years, met some lovely people, was well looked after and ate some amazing food. I binge watched movies on the plane (including an Indy Jones one on the Antikythera mechanism I mentioned in my last blog post. - how is that for syncronicity!) and was thankful Emirates had some Mindvalley series which I watched a few times over. All in all it was a great experience and I am looking forward to my next overseas adventures in 2024 (note to self while the jetlag going one way was doable, coming back after only two weeks away was pretty gruelling and I have had to be extra kind to myself as it took me a good week to recover).

So I have loved being home the past two weeks. I have slept, worked and exercised when I felt like it. I have prepared and eaten nutritious food including what I harvested from my organic garden. I rehydrated, regrounded and reconnected to myself, my family and environment. I have got back into doing my daily morning meditation, spirit writing, qi gong and pilates. I have spent quality time with my oldest son as my daughter in law and granddaughter who normally live with me are away in Canada. I have supported him while he works through the direction he wants to take. I have started some more home projects. I feel whole and complete again.

Having lived overseas for many years and in a few locations, it sometimes easy to confuse where “home” is but for me, home starts with me and my energetic state. It’s where I feel safe, sanctified and comforted. Where I can be, do and say exactly what I want when I want. Where I can be completely free and feel most abundant. And where I can have both company and solitude when I want it and to recalibrate.

So home really is where my heart is. Is it for you? 💖🏡


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