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Healthy relationships

Do you have healthy relationships in your life? Do you feel supported and loved? Healthy relationships start with us.

If we love ourselves unconditionally, and without judgment or criticism we will attract others and situations of a like vibration. If we don’t love ourselves first, if we judge and criticise ourselves and others, we can attract people who reinforce that. Like attracts like.

It’s important to engage in relationships and situations where you are positively energised and valued. This allows your soul gifts to shine and your vibration to remain high. Unconditonal love for yourself and others doesn’t however mean you have to put up with everything that comes your way.

Most of us have been in relationships that have challenges. Being clear on your boundaries and eliminating negativity, judgement and criticism is fundamental to self love and empowerment. We weren’t born to please, be criticised or judged by others. That can have us playing victim. Nor did we come to rescue others because we perceive we can help them or think we can change them. Nor persecute them because they are different from us or because they do things we don’t like. That keeps us firmly stuck in the drama triangle and karmic loops of our own making.

We came to express our divinity in physical form, to be our creative best whatever that looks like for us, to be in flow, to enjoy life. So be discerning who you spend your time with and connect with people who empower and support your self love and like to have healthy fun. Find your tribe. Forge new and healthy connections for your growth. Appreciate our diversity as human beings. And remember unconditional love starts with you.

If you are struggling to nurture healthy relationships including with yourself, support is always available. Just reach out!

Here’s a picture of a tribe I love 💖💫


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