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Empowerment or Powerlessness?

I’m currently reading Abraham Hick’s book the Law of Deliberate Creation, a universal law which states what you deliberately give your power to, you begin to attract.

Most of us create unconsciously and therefore attract experiences we may not intend because the Law of Attraction matches our unconscious vibration.

We create more powerfully what we want when the Universe matches our conscious vibration. When we focus on what we don’t want, create unconsciously by default or split our energy by dividing it between what we want as well as what we don’t want, we dilute our creative power.

What we give emotion to we can create more quickly because emotion is simply energy in motion which depth charges our vibration. So being conscious of our emotions is important for more powerful creation.

If we have negative emotions such as fear, blame, guilt, anger, doubt etc, these dilute our power given the energetic vibration we emit and therefore what we attract as a result can just reinforce how we feel or make us feel even more powerless.

We step towards our full creative power when we focus on what we do want with positive emotions such as optimism, passion, appreciation, and love.

So where do you sit on Abraham Hick’s emotional guidance scale between empowerment and powerlessness? Are you creating deliberately or unintentionally? Do you want to create more powerfully, master your emotions, realign your energy and feel empowered in your life? If so I can support you, just DM me💖💫


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