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Digesting Life

A lot of people have gut issues and problems digesting food. I know I need to carefully manage my lactose, gluten or sugar intake so my gut and body remain balanced. Luckily there are a range of food and health products out there to cater more widely to some issues. And eating home grown, pesticide free food from my garden and keeping hydrated also helps.

Sometimes my gut issues have not been related to food I’ve consumed but a situation experienced or an emotion not dealt with. Stress and anxiety have at times been crippling and I can remember knots in my stomach or cramps lasting for days. While there were clear signs to slow down and digest life more, there were instances where I chose to ignore what my gut and body were telling me and kept plowing on, eventually resulting in me getting sick.

Our gut is not only our food but our life digestive system too. Through emotions, feelings and physical symptoms, our gut is constantly providing our brains with feedback on what we are experiencing in life. It is the seat of our intuition, a link to our higher selves and tells us when we are on or off track from a soul perspective.

So next time you have a sore gut and want to understand why, have a think about not just the food you have eaten but what is going on in your life more generally. How are you digesting life? Are you feeling stressed or fearful? Are you feeding yourself healthy experiences? Are you bottling emotions? Are you taking time to slow down and smell the roses? Are you listening to what your gut is trying to tell you?

If you can’t seem to shift your digestion problems, the root energetic cause/s might not be what you think. Sometimes it can be related to trapped emotions, or even past life karma. So reach out if you need support digesting life. I have a range of tools to better master your energy.


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