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Climbing Hills

Over the weekend I climbed Te Mata Peak with my family. I have three sons and when they were younger I used to take them up into the hills behind my house for a few hours walking. It was a surefire way to burn off some excess energy and ensure a more peaceful time there after.

It became a weekend ritual for a number of years and even a holiday excursion on occasion. While they would complain bitterly, we saw some amazing parts of New Zealand as a result. As they got older and became busy with other activities, I did a lot of walking alone or with friends as communing with and exercising in mother nature got me outside and kept me grounded.

So when my sons suggested we go on a post-lunch walk I agreed wholeheartedly. It was the first time we had climbed a decent hill together for a number of years. After consulting the map and being a bit unsure about my current hill climbing fitness level, I asked if we could take the easy route of a number available to which they readily agreed. It also meant my two-year-old granddaughter could walk most of it with us. It was a glorious day and lovely walk but I’m very glad we took the easy route because 2 1/2 hours later when we made it back to the car park, I was definitely feeling it.

Sometimes in life we climb hills without taking the easy route. By doing so we can make life difficult for ourselves albeit we may be striving for loftier places. Life doesn’t need to be difficult and while there will be challenges, if we are consciously aware of ourselves and our feelings, we can always find an easier route. We always have a choice.

So if you find yourself climbing hills and often taking the most difficult route, I can support you finding an easier route that will still get you to your destination and in a more soul aligned way. Just reach out. 💖💫⛰️


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