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Beyond Contrast

Over the past week I have been watching an online summit by Christy Whitman International Inc. called Beyond the Contrast: Practical Tools to Shift into Well-Being. There were so many speakers I could only get through about a third of the 50 plus of them. The summit was a good reminder that contrast is a great way for us to experience what feels good in our lives and what doesn’t so much.

Contrast is a state of being where we experience something that is different from our current state or what we might want to happen. We can feel and perceive contrast given it is an energetic expression relative to our current experience. Sometimes contrast can feel mild but it can also feel pretty extreme on occasion.

If we resist contrast it can give us negative thoughts and emotions. It can also get stuck in our bodies and give us disease. Our resistance is affected by the quality of our beliefs, emotions, thoughts, words and actions. How we process through those and beyond contrast can keep us free from pain and suffering.

So notice and shift your energy towards focussing on what you want rather than what you don’t want in any situation of contrast. Look for the good, gift or lesson within it. Look at the quality of your energy. Is your energy helping or hindering you move beyond contrast in your life?

We live in a natural state of abundance and we can access this state of being when we are aware of it, and acknowledge and shift any contrast that might be blocking our access. So trust contrast is a good thing and tells you when you are in flow or might need to change your state. Be compassionate with yourself when you feel or perceive contrast and move your energy towards something that feels better.


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