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What does Christmas mean to you?

While I am not a Christian, Christmas for me is a time to be with family, share food and stories, spend time in nature and reconnect.

This Christmas was particularly special as it was the first time we had been together as a family for about 5 years, for us to have 4 generations in the same place, and to be in a new home back in New Zealand reconnecting.

There is lots of stuff on FB at the moment and as we head into 2023 about setting goals and/or having words which set the feeling/essence for the year ahead.

My goal/word for 2022 was enlightenment and while that is a life long goaI, I do feel like I had some significant personal and spiritual growth this year and for that and the support I received I am very grateful.

My goal/word for 2023 is reconnection - Christmas has started that journey for me by reconnecting with my family and I am looking forward to seeing how this coming year unfolds both in terms of enlightenment and reconnection.

Have you set a goal or essence of how you want your 2023 to roll? Intentionality will help you attract and manifest into your life what you desire so now is a good time to ask yourself what to focus on for the coming year for your highest good 💖💫😊


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