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The Choice is Yours

It has been a week now since Voices of Impact Volume 2 was launched and became an international best seller and I am forever grateful for @Melanie Wood and her team and my co-authors for the opportunity to contribute my vision of impact to light the world and support leaders transform their lives through energy mastery, healing and soul realignment.

The launch on International Womens Day and the sale proceeds going to support victims of domestic violence was one of the main reasons I chose to be involved in this publication as both are topics near and dear to my heart. I hope some of you have now purchased the kindle version and read it too. It is still available on Amazon if you haven’t and hard copies are due out later this month so watch this space!

I am also grateful to the 1000 of you who are now following my business page. Having only launched my energy realignment coaching business on Lionsgate last year (8 Aug) having 1000 lovely people in my social media audience is a big milestone for me. I appreciate your choice to support me becoming an energy realignment coach.

We make choices every day and in every moment as we are always thinking, feeling or taking action even if we don’t realise it. Being more consciously aware of our choices can help us think, feel and act in ways which are more in alignment with who we are at soul level and help us not to think, feel and act in ways which collect negative karma, emotional baggage, and energies which don’t serve our highest good and we can carry not only in this life but into subsequent lives.

Sometimes we can find ourselves thinking about or making choices which don’t feel right or good. That is a clear sign you are off track from a soul perspective. So use your emotions as your inner guidance system, your GPS, to tell you whether you are on or off track, acknowledge how you are feeling and why you are feeling it.


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