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The Art of Meditation

I always recommend to my clients they try to do a daily meditation. Meditation means different things to different people and there are multiple different forms of meditation.

For me it is a time to just pause, reflect inwardly and connect to the divine on a daily basis. I tend to do closed eye light body meditations in the morning to set the scene for my day. And I do them lying down.

I centre myself and visualise white light from source coming into my etheric and physical body and connecting me to Mother Earth, cleansing, clearing and balancing everything from my chakras to my DNA on its way.

I then bring the light back up from Mother Earth through my body and connect back to source. I call in my spirit guides and ask them what I need to know for my highest good and thank them for guiding me.

I also like doing guided meditations. And there are plenty and all sorts on YouTube and other social media.

So when clients tell me they have never done meditation or struggle with it or don’t like it, I ask them to try a range of meditations to see if they can find something that suits them.

It doesn’t have to be long eg some people prefer a quick 5 minutes and others can sit for hours. And it doesn’t have to be at home. It could be out in nature or wherever you can find a quiet spot.

It is more about having some regular intentional time out just to connect with your higher self and the universe in a place that is peaceful. Think of it as a daily self-care routine and one that will help you with the art of better mastering your energy but also be more soul aligned.

So if you are struggling with meditation and would like hear the meditation I do on a daily basis (it’s about 12 minutes long), please feel free to send me a direct message 💖💫☮️😌


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