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Shifting Energetic Imprints

Being away over the last few days at a Hands of Light retreat made me reflect how many energetic imprints we can have trapped in our auric field. These energies relate to choices we have made in past lives as well as current life, and the state of our connection with the earth and source.

Some imprints we may be aware of but most we are not unless we are triggered by some event or person. When we are triggered and if we want to heal the trigger, we can acknowledge it, how we are feeling and release the energy or the emotion it has caused. If we choose not to release the energy/emotion, it is likely we will be retriggered at a later stage as the energetic imprint remains in our auric field and can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As an energy realignment coach, energy healer and akashic record guide, my role is to help you identify and release negative energies and emotions from your auric field and reconnect with your inner knowing and the wisdom of Mother Earth and source.

Because everybody is different and unique, I will provide you with a range of tools to support your healing. My goal will always be to help you help yourself to clear what is no longer serving you, master your energy and transform your life.

So if you are wanting to clear any energetic imprints or understand what through choice you might have trapped in your auric field, please reach out. 💖💫👍


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