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Paying it Forward

Today I received a lovely message from @Patti Ernst, who owns @Serenity Beaches Resort thanking my Retreat into Divine Being co-hosts and I for making a deposit for the retreat in July in Tonga. Who has been feeling a bit out of sorts over the last few weeks? There has been a lot happening energetically and I have certainly been feeling it as I know a number of you have.

Covid has been tough on many businesses and Patti’s as a business focussed on tourists is no exception so it gave me a great joy to be able to pay forward what we have been given by the beautiful souls joining us on retreat to her. The money will help Patti prepare for the forthcoming tourist season so we will benefit and so will others staying with her, her staff and the local economy.

Paying it forward in this instance and many others is not just about the money exchange - it is about the energy exchange and intent. Paying it forward has many possibilities eg how you spend your time, what decisions you choose to make, who you support in life, how you work, how you communicate.

Not paying it forward often comes from a place of fear, of scarcity, or of lack. I am fortunate to have abundance in my life and I know the more I pay it forward the more abundance I will have especially when my energy exchanges are from a place of love and compassion for others. For me it feels expansive, soul aligned and right thing to do.

What do you do to pay it forward? How does it make you feel? 💖💫


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