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Money as Energy

For some time now I have been fortunate to have material abundance in my life and it is one of the reasons I decided to semi-retire and pursue a slower pace of life doing things I am passionate about including energy realignment coaching.

Earlier today I found myself falling into an old money mind trap of whether I had enough to live on currently given I have just moved countries, bought a home, am reestablishing my onshore network, and want to do a few big house projects so I can live as sustainably as possible.

I was brought up with an ethos of having to work hard to be successful and that money didn’t grow on trees so you needed to count your pennies.

What I have come to learn is that is a very stressful way to live and as an energy realignment coach now I prefer to view money as energy that is attracted to me when I am in alignment with my soul purpose and following my bliss.

So when I caught myself this morning triggered by my old money mindset, I acknowledged it and asked myself what would feel better. It felt better to focus on the fact I am 3/4 of the way through a quantum success coaching course and when I am certified I will increase my coaching prices. It felt better to focus on the fact while work has been quiet this last month it is summer holidays and I am getting to spend time with my family, in my garden and nature. It felt better to acknowledge I have had the time to write my book chapter and book a trip to visit friends.

And as I shifted my energy from what I didn't want which was to go back to working hard and counting my pennies and I focused on what I did want and what felt better, I received a text to say some money was coming my way and it has since appeared in my bank account.

Energy realignment and mastery is powerful when you understand universal laws and have the right tools to shift your focus and vibration.

If you are struggling with your money relationship, I can support you move your energy into a better space and release any negative energy which is holding you back.

Please feel free to DM me 💖💫✅


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