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Lifestyle Choices

After escaping New Zealand’s winter for a few weeks, I am now back in New Zealand and in Wellington, our capital city for a couple of days of work. It is living up to its name of Windy Wellington today and is very chilly with icy wind and driving rain 🌧️ 🥶!

While it is nice to be back in the city where I spent alot of my child and adulthood, I find myself drawn to a simpler way of living now than the hustle and bustle that city life brings.

Cities offer opportunities that aren’t possible in more rural areas and I get the desire for urban drift. I have lived in 5 cities and enjoyed my city lifestyle at the time.

But my values have changed and living in a big city is now energetically difficult for me and I much prefer a pared back lifestyle without all the city benefits and trappings.

So it is great to be able to visit Wellington and leave again. I am looking forward to returning home to my more peaceful lifestyle in Ōpōtiki tomorrow.

We all have choice on how and where we live and each one of us is different. What are your lifestyle choices?


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