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Lest we Forget

Last week I went to the ANZAC day commemorations in Opotiki. For those of you who don’t know what ANZAC day is it commemorates the death of way too many NZ and Australian soldiers at Chunuk Bair during WW1.

A number of my ancestors were among those who died. That war and subsequent wars left deep emotional wounds on the psyche of those who participated, those left behind, and changed the fabric of our society.

Wars continue to ravage this planet. While the war in Ukraine gets a lot of airtime, protracted crisis in places like Yemen, Palestine, Sudan to name a few continue unabated and human rights violations abound both in situations of war and peace.

Everyone has the right to live, to live in peace and harmony, with enough food to eat, water to drink and shelter. They have a right to be healthy and educated. They have the right to live without fear of persecution for their beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or ability.

Fear and judgment have created so much distortion in the human psyche and in our world. It has perpetuated negative karmic cycles of repitition. While this is clearly part of our human evolution and a lesson we have needed to learn a more than few lifetimes over, it is time to remember that fear and judgment have not given us happiness, peace or harmony.

Given we create our own reality, it is up to us to change that dial starting with ourselves. So fear less on the path to not fearing. Judge less on the path to not judging. And along that path shine your light and show compassion and understanding to others - we are all on our own journeys as souls but we can support each other and transform lives by coming from a place of fearlesness, non-judgment and love. Lest we forget.


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