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Hands of Light

Tomorrow I am heading off to the Coromandel to a retreat with some friends who are healers. I have been already feeling for weeks how epic it will be to all be together physically in the same location as some of our group I have only met online as we live in different countries.

We call our group the Hands of Light, after a Barbara Ann Brennan book by the same name. If you havent read the book and are interested in healing through the human energy field I would highly recommend it.

The Hands of Light process we use is sometimes called the laying on of hands and it is a process by which the human energy field can be rebalanced. It can be done in person or remotely.

Each one of us has an energy field sometimes referred to as your aura. Your energy field is multidimensional and affects your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

When your energy field is out of balance, you may experience some physical, emotional or spiritual pain or the imbalance may be stored somewhere in your aura that you are unaware of and be affecting your life energetically.

My role as an energy or Hands of Light healer is to help you restore balance to your aura by supporting you channel light and love from the divine, source or god so you can heal yourself.

People I have healed in this way report seeing colours, feeling energy and pain moving through them, experiencing astral travel and past lives and spirit guides. Some people just fall asleep. Everyone is different and each healing is individual to whatever you need for your highest good at that time.

If you would like to experience an energy or Hands of Light healing either in person on remotely, please feel free to be in contact. I would love to help you on your healing journey.🙂💖💫🤲🏼


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