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Energy and Self Care

Who has been feeling a bit out of sorts over the last few weeks? There has been a lot happening energetically and I have certainly been feeling it as I know a number of you have.

As a result I am having to lots of self care. For me that means meditation, getting outside barefoot to ground, being by the ocean, connecting to mother earth and source, healings such as massage, reflexlogy or light body, taking things slowly, eating nutritionally good food, drinking lots of water and being with people I love.

It also means mastering my energy and processing any emotions, triggers and any related stress that are arising in healthy ways. I do this through trying to find the root causes of my feelings or the situation I find myself in and using my intuition, spiritual guidance/writing, the akashic records, and the emotion code to help me clear what is not serving me and replacing any negative energies with higher vibrations of love and light.

I also find being grateful for my lessons and blessings and practicing the law of detachment helps.

Let know know what your go to is in terms of managing your energy and practicing self care 😊💖💫🙏


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