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Drama Triangle and Empowerment Dynamic

I have been talking to a few people recently about relationships, the dreaded drama triangle and the empowerment dynamic (TED).

For those of you unfamiliar with either or only one, the drama triangle is a model of human interaction by Stephen B. Karpman from the late 1960’s. The triangle maps relationships that can occur particularly in conflict. It can also relate to how we interact with ourselves not just others. The drama triangle roles are persecutor, victim, and rescuer. Most of us live our lives in the drama triangle playing one or all of the roles over time. The drama triangle keeps us stuck in low vibrational energies such as blame, shame, fear and lack. It is anxiety and problem focussed.

TED is an alternative to the drama triangle as proposed by David Emerald. TED roles are creator, coach, and challenger. Moving to or staying in TED can help you escape the drama triangle and take responsibility for your life, creating more high vibrational energies such as freedom, love, and abundance. It is passion and outcomes focussed.

The creator is the antidote for the victim. It is one of the most profound shifts you can make in your life because it affects your relationship with yourself first and foremost and empowers you to take responsibility for your reality. The central principle is creators choose choice whereas victims allow life to happen and give away their power.

The coach is the alternative for the rescuer. The coach is supportive, curious, listens deeply and asks powerful questions. The coach allows others to stand in their own power, create their own reality, and learn their own lessons.

The challenger is the antidote for the persecutor. Challengers are catalysts for change and learning. They are our truthsayers, visionaries and inspirers when their intentions are pure and come from a place of love.

Where you find yourself most of the time? In the dreaded drama triangle or TED? Through consciousness awareness of the roles you and others play in your life, you can shift the dial and better master and realign your energy. And if you want transform your life and move out of drama, as an energy realignment coach I am here to support you move into empowerment. So please feel free to contact me.


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