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Accessing your Akashic Records

I have been reading Linda Howe’s book on how to access your akashic records this week.

It made me reflect on my own akashic journey which started a couple of years ago with a reading from @Marina Beech who truly is a Soul Alchemist and from whom I have learnt so much in that initial reading and subsequently.

I have also learnt from Andrea Hess and use her Soul Realignment modaility in the coaching work I do.

Like these teachers, I am keen for everyone to understand we all have the ability to access our records - they are after all OUR records and in fact no one should really be in our records without our permission because it is our personal information.

It is super easy to access our records and god, the divine or spirit whatever term you prefer to use wants us to access them so we can learn who we are at soul level, remember we are light beings having a physical experience, make more soul aligned choices, take more soul aligned action and heal the negative karmic energies from present and past life choices that aren’t supporting us live our best life.

Marina does amazing guided meditations which are readily available on social media. Linda uses a different method of prayer and journalling, and Andrea a more business like and easy to learn protocol. There are of course other equally valid options, some of which I have yet to come across.

The point is we can all learn and it isn’t t scary or difficult if we want to take the time as it does take a bit of practice like anything we do.

And if fear or time or lack of motivation is holding you back from accessing your records then I can support on your journey.

Accessing your akashic records is truly life changing if you are willing to take the journey toward being more aligned with your divinity and responsible for the akashic information you are shown.


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