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Autumn has arrived

After a month of overseas travel I have returned home to autumn. The days are getting shorter and nights longer but compared to the cold spring in Japan, it still feels like late summer.

I have been taking it slowly, recovering from jetlag and a cold (air conditioning reeks havoc with my lungs), spending time outside in my garden, harvesting limes, figs, rhubarb, pears, apples and feijoas, and making preserves to see us through winter. It has been a good opportunity to recalibrate and reconnect with myself, family and friends.

I am also taking the opportunity to revisit my qigong practice given the course I am doing is currently focussed on the element of metal. Metal in qigong is about a declining state, autumn and the setting of the sun in the west. It helps ground our systems for winter and as a yin element, balance any yang forces. In the body it is represented by the lungs and large intestines, and chi/energy coming in and being eliminated through our breath and digestion. The lungs are often said to rule chi as they are the point where chi outside our body meets chi inside, respiration occurs, blood vessels and water are adjusted and moved, the exterior of our body/skin is regulated, and chi is circulated around our body. The lungs are also the residence of our corporeal soul, po or the somatic manifestation of our essence or life force. The large intestines absorb fluid and discharge toxins and control the nose, throat and teeth. So focussing on these is the perfect antidote for clearing my cold and jetlag.

By focussing on our lung qi in particular we can keep our energy balanced and strengthen our body’s natural resistance to disease especially given we are coming into winter. So if you want to try qigong for your lungs and strengthen your immunity, there are some great options on youtube.


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