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Sleepless nights

I know a lot of people struggle with sleep, me included on occasion. When I have alot on my mind, I can end up awake for hours burning the midnight oil. Long haul flights, crossing timezones, late nights also throw out my body rhythms.

I have tried all sorts. I avoid screentime given it stimulates serotonin and ticking clocks. I sleep in a dark temperate room. Journalling, meditation, breathwork, reading, interpreting fitful dreams, asking my guides what I need to know sometimes help.

What I have learnt is to not fight it and go with the flow. Keeping hydrated and being gentle on myself the next day also supports me recover. And using the awake time productively - the wee hours are great for creative thought and lucid dreaming.

What’s your go to for sleepless nights?

Here is a piccie of me at Dubai International waiting for a flight to Greece after 17.5 hours of flying and a tad sleep deprived. Almost there 🙏💖


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