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Late Summer and Earth Qualities

It barely feels like summer has been and morning temperatures are already dropping indicating late summer is upon us in New Zealand. After living in the tropics for a number of years I like the warmth, so swimming in the sea every day in the height of Aotearoa’s summer is doable. Today I was only brave enough to stick my feet in the river and ocean. But being out in nature, hearing the sound of the water, feeling the sun and water on my skin was enough to ground me.

Grounding is one of earth’s many qualities that support us as energetic beings. The Earth is also transforming - it has the ability to create as well as be still. It is attractive in that it is not only beautiful but attracts energy towards itself and its centre. It is spacious, light, dense and substantial at the same time. It is nourishing, comforting and abundant.

In Qigong the Earth element is linked to the stomach and spleen meridians and the capacity of concrete thought. Our stomachs transform what we eat and drink into food qi and sends it to our spleen. Our spleen, considered to be the mother of blood, further transforms the food and water into food qi and transports it to our lungs. These meridians are associated with not only the ingestion and digestion of food and water but mental and physical nourishment, assimilation of ideas and information, and how it is stored. Our digestive system can also soothe our nervous system and ground us and is a key provider of strength and vitality.

When our earth element is out of balance, there is a tendency to worry, be confused, vague, over protective, dependent and self doubting. When in balance its gifts are nurture, intellect, reflection, thoughfulness, empathy and loyalty. It is associated with sweetness, the colour yellow, and singing. Perfect for a late summer’s day 💖💫☀️🌏

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