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Inner Harmony

What do you do to bring in the New Year? Do you stay up to midnight or have an early night? Do you wake up the next day feeling good or not so? Do you set New Year’s resolutions or avoid them?

For me, I like to spend New Year with family and/or friends and keep it pretty low key these days. Gone are the days when I stay up til midnight. This year we had a nice meal, a couple of cocktails and I was in bed by 930 reading a book (The Amazing Power of Deliberate Creation). I woke up and did an online meditation the next morning focussed on wellness.

I used to set New Year’s resolutions but don’t any more as they feel like too much pressure and life doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult. Instead I set an intention - just one word or short sentence about how I want my my year to flow, how I want to feel. Last year’s word was Reconnect - with myself, family, and friends. It was a word I could come back to at anytime if I was feeling like I needed inspiration or was out of balance. And I certainly felt like I had achieved it by the end of 2023.

This year my intention is Inner Harmony. For the most part I already have this but I know it’s state I have cultivate actively. It means I have to be aware of myself in any given moment - of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and energy levels. Over the course of the year there will be times when I don’t have it. But I know I can find my way back to it when I give myself the time and space to process whatever is happening and recalibrate. I can create Inner Harmony when I consciously understand my thoughts and actions, feel how I am feeling, process any emotions that aren’t serving me, seek inner guidance and change my state to something that feels better. It’s all about the power of my intention and being a conscious creator of my own reality.

If you find it easy to set intentions but difficult to stick to them, maybe have a think about whether your intention is going to make you feel love for yourself, peaceful, joyful, empowered or free. And if you find it difficult or are unsure how to set intentions or follow through, I can support you so just reach out.

Wishing you all Inner Harmony. 💖💫


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