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Feeling is Healing

I was listening to a podcast which talked about the fact we need to feel to heal.

Feeling to heal is a great self awareness tool and way to shift energy. Young children easily express their feelings. Yet from an early age we are taught to repress emotions as though they are something unwanted rather than being shown how to move through through them in healthy ways. We are told to stop being emotional, toughen up, man up, don’t be a baby and even that big girls don’t cry. Such phrases leave us feeling inadequate and fearful of our emotions as though they are something foreign to our being.

As a result, as adults we can find pure, raw emotion hard to handle especially if it feels uncomfortable or overwhelming. We may also avoid having conversations about how we are feeling for the fear of losing control, upsetting someone, rocking the boat or being dragged into drama. Yet our feelings are how we best navigate through life - they are our GPS and tell us when we are on track or off track from a soul perspective. And they can very powerfully tell us when things feel bad or good. We also need to feel in order to process the energy our bodies has generated or absorbed. If we don’t feel our feelings we can trap energy and emotions and make ourselves sick spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

So feel to heal. Acknowledge any emotions you are feeling and be open to what they are trying to tell you. Take time every day to check in with yourself and scan your body for stuck energy which might need releasing. Make a practice of moving any emotions that don’t feel good out of your body through intention. Meditate. Exercise. Get out into nature. Breathe. Whatever fills your cup and helps you focus on bringing in emotions that feel better.

Feeling really is healing. So reach out if you need support. 💖💫


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