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Winter Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice - the shortest day and longest night. It is the day when Tamanui te ra, the god of the Sun leaves his wife Hine Takurua, the goddess of winter and goes back to his second wife Hineraumati, the goddess of summer and sister of Hine Takurua. It is also known as Ihu o Hine Takurua - the nose of Hine Takurua among other names.t is officially winter 🥶 in New Zealand and the first cold one I have experienced in over 5 years. The cold, shorter daylight hours, and snow on the mountains is taking a bit of adjusting to but I am thankful for the beautiful crisp, clear days, the remembrance and warmth of woollen clothes and blankets, hot water bottles, heaters, double glazing, and winter comfort food.

Hine Takurua is also the daughter of Tangaroa, the god of the sea. She is the goddess responsible for conserving our fish and her realm is the ocean. She is personified as the star Sirius. During winter she supports the migration of fish to their breeding grounds and their rebirth and regeneration.

Ihu o Hine Takurua is therefore a time to pause, reflect, be peaceful and regenerate. So take the time today to do some self-care rituals and be thankful for winter and this time of pause and regeneration.

Thanks @maori worldwide for the piccie ❄️💖🐟


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