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Winter Cheer

It is officially winter 🥶 in New Zealand and the first cold one I have experienced in over 5 years. The cold, shorter daylight hours, and snow on the mountains is taking a bit of adjusting to but I am thankful for the beautiful crisp, clear days, the remembrance and warmth of woollen clothes and blankets, hot water bottles, heaters, double glazing, and winter comfort food.

I am also thankful I will be escaping the chills of New Zealand’s winter for the warmth of Tonga in less than a month now for the Retreat into Divine Being I am co-hosting 14-20 July (trying not to count down the days😆). It will be glorious to spend some time with Tongan friends, our retreat participants and the humpback whales 🐳 who have already started to arrive in Tonga to birth and nurture their young. While we now have the perfect number of souls joining us for the Retreat, there are still spaces available for those of you wanting some winter cheer, warmer tropical weather and to experience the untouched magic of Uoleva island and Serenity Beaches Resort. We have a single and twin share price if you would like to come with a partner or bestie. Please feel free to DM me for more details - we would love to have you join us for some winter cheer and fun in the sun. 🌞🏝🇹🇴

Here is a picture of the winter sunset from my house 🙏🏼💖


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