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Tropical Warmth

It is great to be back in the warmths of the tropics. Blue sky days, glistening seas and the sun shining is most definitely good for my soul and wellbeing.

It has also been great catching up with friends in Tonga - Tonga continues to live up to its reputation as the Friendly Isles. Nuku’alofa is super vibrant at the moment with an infux of visitors for a couple of high school reunions and the 30th anniversary of Miss Galaxy - a beauty pageant for Tonga’s Leitis. And being here ahead of our Retreat into Divine Being later this week has meant I have been able to do some on the ground preparations I couldn’t have done from New Zealand.

I am now looking forward to heading away from the city to the remote island of Uoleva in the Ha’apai Island Group tomorrow. Friends there have been posting amazing photos and videos of their interactions with the humpback whales and I am really excited about our retreat participants arriving and all of us being in the water with them over the next week.

With Matariki marking our retreat opening on Friday and a bonfire on the beach planned for the occasion it feels even more special to be retreating into the divinity of being and to be able to recharge my energy and fill my cup in the tropical warmth and natural beauty of Tonga.


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