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Simple Pleasures

Today was such a beautiful day I decided not to sit in my office and work as I have done for the last two days. Instead I got outside into nature.

I walked to the beach at the bottom of my hill with my daughter in law and granddaughter. We played in the the water, watching the bubbles ebb in and out with the waves, the tide flow around our ankles and feet, and the sun sparkle on the sea. We walked and stretched our bodies and said hello to everyone who walked past us (not many people as I live in a quiet part of New Zealand). We threw pebbles into the water and covered our feet with sand. It was so calming and centring, the morning just disappeared.

At home, I started tidying in my garden. With winter coming, leaves are falling and plants are dying back so it was good to fill up the wheelbarrow and compost the waste which I will use on my garden to revitalise it for spring.

After that I decided to relax, do a meditation in the sun and read a book.

Life can get so complicated sometimes we forget about the simple pleasures which can bring so much joy and fun into our lives. So every time things seem hard and overwhelming, take the time to just breathe and nurture yourself with the simple pleasures of life. They are all around us given we live on such an amazing planet if we are willing open our eyes and hearts and just notice 💖💫🌊☀️🍂🙏🏻


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