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Serenity of Being

We are now on the second to last day of our Retreat into Divine Being at Serenity Beaches Resort on the beautiful island of Uoleva. The sun is out, the ocean is glistening and we have been blessed with spending most of the last two days out on the sea with its guardians, the humpback whales.

The whales have reminded us of the art of letting go and just being one with our surroundings. They glide effortlessly through the water. They are curious and playful. They move with the rhythm of the ocean unencumbered by time, space and condition.

Their vibration is profound in so many ways it is hard to describe. Their messages to us have been of unconditional love both for humanity and of course their new born young. It has been such a privilege to experience the serenity of just being in their presence.

As we contemplate our departure, the whales have been reminded of why it is so important to conserve nature so we can all live in harmony both on the land and with the sea.

We will look forward to returning next year to be with the whales again to experience their serenity. 🏝️🐳💖☀️


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