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Retreat into Divine Being - Tonga Magic

Over the weekend, I had my Retreat into Divine Being two co-hosts @serenetay and @rachelphelps come stay. It was the first time we had actually been together physically as we live in different parts of New Zealand and in the case of @serenetay sometimes Tonga.

So it was a great opportunity to get together and do some planning given 14 July, when we have the retreat opening ceremony, is only a month and a half away. As those who know me are aware, I am a planner but more than that, at a soul level, my soul likes to create strategically so while I am happy to wing some stuff, I create best when there is a bit of structure that I can helicopter over. My resistance mechanism is to overplan but now I know this about myself I know in order to best create I need to keep it simple. Luckily my cohosts are more organic creators. So the plan we put together for how we will spend our time we actually ran through as if we were in retreat to see what worked best.

We came up with some exciting ideas to bring in all of the elements of Mother Earth. We want to acknowledge we will be on a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific ocean, surrounded by whales, as the guardians of the sea, who have come to Tonga to give birth and tend to their young. We open on Matariki - which marks the start of the Māori new year and the time when the Pleiades appear in the Southern Sky. Matariki means the Eyes of God and is a now a public holiday in New Zealand. It is a time to remember and honour those we have lost since the last rising of Matariki, celebrate the present and gathering together to give thanks for what we have, and look to the future and the promise of the new year. Historically the stars of Matariki were also closely tied to planting, harvesting and hunting in a number of Polynesian cultures.

We also have yoga planned daily, and some divinely guided meditations and workshops each day.

We still have a few spots available so why not join us on this Retreat into Being @Serenity Beaches? We would love to share the magic of Tonga with you 💖💫🐳🏝️☀️


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