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Retreat into Divine Being

In July I will host my first ever retreat dedicated to Mother Earth and the whales, as ancestors and guardians of the sea. It will be a Retreat into Divine Being at Serenity Beaches Resort on the beautiful island of Uoleva.

This retreat has been in planning for a few years now. It has been a circuitous route to fruition. As Paul Selig told me about a year ago I had the right deck of cards but they were not shuffled or going to come in the order I expected.

Initially I thought I was to stay in Tonga and build and operate a retreat. But 4 attempts at securing land were to no avail. Then COVID doubled my build costs. And after I had lived at a retreat for 6 months, I realised I was enjoying my peace and freedom too much, and building and operating a retreat would lock my time, energy and money into a 24/7 operation. It became clear I wanted, and the universe had in mind, a different path.

I still felt I was supposed to do a retreat so my next bright idea was to co-host a retreat and bring people from overseas to experience the beauty of Tonga. I discussed my idea with @Patti Ernst, owner of Serenity Beaches for 2023.

With the busyness of my return to New Zealand, I had put my retreat idea on the backburner. To be honest I was even a little daunted about trying to run a retreat on my own. So I was absolutely thrilled when @Serene Tay and @Rachel Phelps suggested we co-host a retreat in Tonga during whale season at Patti’s resort.

I hope this Retreat into Divine Being will be an ongoing annual series. It will be held over 6 days and will explore your divinity of being on earth at this time. And of course connecting with the humpback whales who come to Tonga every year.

Spaces will be limited to 8 and 2 are taken. So if you are interested in joining me and my lovely co-hosts retreat into divine being, more detailed information about what we have planned is on or contact me by DM. For those of you wanting to book straight away, there is an early bird special until 10 May.

So if you are wanting a truly transformative life experience, come join us Retreat into Divine Being 💖💫🏝️🐳


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