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Oneness, Life force and Harmony

This week I was fortunate to have a QHHT session with @Tracey Devcich. For those who havent heard of QHHT it is short for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). QHHT was developed by the legendary Dolores Cannon, who in her almost 50 year career, became a significant spiritual voice and pioneer. Dolores passed away in 2014 but her teachings continue to help people worldwide.

QHHT works by accessing a great and powerful part of our subconscious selves for life guidance and physical and emotional healing. By connecting with the subconscious, “Oversoul”, the “Higher Self” or the “HigherConsciousness” powerful, transformative healing can take place.

QHHT induces a deep trance, taking you into the furthest corners of your psyche where you can visit traumas locked away and often dating back to previous lifetimes.

QHHT is another way to help find answers and healing for various physical and emotional issues, life events, life questions and decisions, spiritual development and guidance, soul insights, life purpose and past life regression.

My session was no exception and the key messages I was given were of the importance of connecting to the Oneness, to Mother Earth, to Life force, and staying in harmony and balance. It was so confirming of what I have been shown already by my guides and higher self including in my akashic records, that I am on the right path in terms of my soul journey, and there is of course more growth to come.

I look forward to further sharing with you what I learn as I continue my journey and explore the key messages and guidance provided to me.


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