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Healing Yourself

Over the past few weeks, I have had a sore back which I have tried various approaches to fix. Self-care has been top of the list and I have also sought external assistance including of healers and friends as part of that process.

What it made me reflect is that self-care is so important at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and sometimes working on one to the exclusion of the others won’t necessarily shift the issue as other issues can, and most times will be feeding into any physical symptom.

So if you are suffering from an ailment, its root cause may not be how it is displaying itself and what you think it is. And there may be a number of layers which need to be healed before it can be released. This was certainly the case for me.

I am fortunate to have a few more tools in the tool box than most people do and a community of healers to support my healing.

So if you have a physical issue you can’t seem to fix, feel free to reach out as there may be other issues of a mental, emotional or spiritual nature sitting behind the physicality.

Here is a picture of me sitting with some amazing fellow healers at the Lost Spring, Whitiangi after a couple of hours relaxing in the lovely geothermal hot pools there (thank you Mother Earth 🙏🏼💖👙🌋)


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