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Energy of Travel

Who enjoys travel overseas? Tomorrow I head off to Tonga for our Retreat into Divine Being. My last travel overseas was when I moved back to New Zealand in December.

Given I have a soul level organising principle of strategic which is how I like to create, it has taken me a good week to get organised. I have packed two bags, most of which are actually for other people so I will return much lighter than when I depart. My luggage is an eclectic mix of satellite equipment to wool for rug making to yoghurt sachets and gifts. All I know will be gratefully received by friends.

I have also packed retreat supplies and I am excited about my forthcoming travel and meeting all of our lovely retreat participants in person next week. I have been connecting in with the energy of Mother Earth and the whales as I know my co-hosts and some of our participants have been too. Like me they are all looking forward to travelling to Tonga to be closer to nature, the sea and given it is winter, the warmth, and retreating into divine being.

Travel is such a great way to expand your energy field and connection to the oneness when you are open to it. I hope some of you will join us next year to discover the natural beauty of Uoleva in the Kingdom of Tonga 🇹🇴 💖🏝️🐳☀️


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