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Akashic Records and Energy

Someone asked me the other day if I could share a bit about my work in the Akashic Records. Like many things the Akashic Records are just a label as is the Akashic Records modality I trained in (Soul Realignment), and the Hands of Light energy and Emotion Code healing and Quantum Success/Energy Mastery coaching I do.

I have found over time is that regardless of the modality I use what I am really doing is reading people’s energy fields of which their Akashic Records are a part. With the assistance of light/high vibrational energy/source/spirit/guides in reading people’s energy, I can then support them better understand who they are at soul level, how soul aligned they are or not to soul level energies, and release some of the karmic patterns they have created through choices in this or past lives which aren’t serving them energetically. These patterns play out as trapped energy/s which affect people’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies.

It is work that gives me a lot of joy as clients really do find it life changing when they understand the energy of their soul gifts, realign with those gifts and release negative karmic energies.

While I have come to this work later in life, I know what I am doing is life long and beautiful work and I am keen for others to benefit from accessing the energy of their Records because it is so life changing and easy.

Every day I am still learning about myself through reading my own energy field and my records but it has really helped me heal and better live in light, love, inner peace and flow.


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