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Lighting the World!

Transforming Lives through Energy Mastery, Healing, and Soul Realignment

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Akashic Records Reading

Would you like to understand your soul's purpose and profile, as well as soul level blocks and restrictions which are holding you back from living your best life?

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Energy Realignment Coaching

Would you like to master and realign your energy to be more successful in this life through using the akashic records, universal laws, channelling, energy healing, emotion clearing, and mindfulness?

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Would you like to balance your energy, experience well-being and remove blocks through connecting to your inner and vital force energy flows?

Are you ready to light your world and transform your life?

Contact me for a free one-to-one 30-minute energy realignment initial discovery session

Tiff Babbington

My vision, mission and approach...

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My vision is lighting the world

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My mission is transforming lives through energy mastery, healing and soul realignment

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I support people transform their lives

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I integrate the akashic records, universal laws, channelling, energy healing, emotion clearing and mindfulness into my practice

Coaching Packages

Transform your life today

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Akashic Records Reading

1:1 up to 90 minutes online or in person

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Energy Realignment Coaching  

1 Session: 1:1 50 minutes online or in person

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Energy Realignment
6-Session Package   

1:1  6 x 50 minutes online or in person

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Energy Realignment
12-Session Package   

1:1 12 x 50 minutes online or in person

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Energy Healing  

1:1 90 minutes

in person

Success Stories

"From the moment Tiffany connected with me on a physical level during our sessions, I was transported spiritually to literally view parts of my own soul's ongoing life in the past, present, and I'm still trying to work out if it is the future!


Learning about my life lessons in this incarnation brought so much clarity and understanding to me. Through Tiffany's guidance and touch we explored my negative energies and moved them aside, back to mother earth. No longer are they an everyday impact on this physical life.


Through discussion and the deep connection we formed, I am learning to explore the gifts my own soul possesses, which continue to bring an abundant feeling of knowing and understanding about my individual journey, but just as importantly, about OUR collective consciousness and how it is all interconnected.


Thank you Tiffany for adding to my life and understanding, once again!"

Glen Duncan

Entrepreneur and Resort Owner

"First of all, I want to thank you Tiffany for opening up my mind, body and soul to a whole new understanding of myself and my journey. I had no experience with Akashic records, and my interest was piqued when I heard of you doing readings for friends.


Your guidance provided me with new ideas and ways to expand my own understanding of my soul journey. You provided specific information pertaining to my past, present and future, and I am grateful for that exchange of energy and vibration that gave me assurance that everything in my life is happening in Divine order and Divine timing. I still have a long way to go, but you awoke a part of me that had laid dormant for some time, and as time goes I recognise the importance of honouring myself, for there is much work that needs to be done for humanity.


Thank you for sharing your gifts with not just me, but more importantly Te Ao the world."

Serene Rangimarie Tay

Artist and Spiritual Guidance Practitioner

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