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Did you know you have 8 extraordinary central channels/vessels and when they are open and clear you experience deep balance?

Our central channels/vessels form in response to the movement of life force energy or chi/qi from our parents through conception to birth. This conception energy is our constitutional energy or prenatal chi. It makes us unique, differentiating one being from another. Through the energetic activation of the central channels, embryos come into being, and organs, meridians, limbs and ventral cavities are formed.

They are sometimes known as our psychic channels and serve as chi reservoirs with the biggest being our du mai or governing vessel and ren mai, our conception vessel. All eight have a neurovascular basis and act as a capacitance system. They guard specific areas in our body and energetic field against intrusive chi, regulate changes in our 7-8 year life cycles, and deliver energy to our brains, spinal cord, liver, gall bladder, bone marrow, and blood, reproductive and nervous systems. They have been referred to in Chinese literature from 2000 years ago.

The central channels/vessels have a field effect and act like an electromagnetic core in relationship to the energy field around our bodies. The du mai is also referred to as the sea of yang channels and ren mai, the sea of yin channels. Yang energy rises to heaven and yin energy sinks to earth. These two channels form a microcosmic orbit which balances and maintains energetic homeostasis with our very central channel, the chong mai or thrusting channel, also considered to be our spiritual channel which carries our original conception energy. The qigong theory of these three channels has much in common with other estoric traditions such as tantra or kaballah. The other 5 are the Dai Mai (Belt Vessel), Yang Wei Mai (Yang Linking Vessel), Yin Wei Mai (Yin Linking Vessel), Yang Qiao Mai (Yang Heel Vessel) and the Yin Qiao Mai (Yin Heel Vessel).

So if you are feeling out of balance maybe try some qigong exercises for your 8 extraordinary channels/vessels on YouTube or get out into nature and tap into some natural conception energy. 💖💫


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