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Keys to Unlocking Your Soul

Today I received from @Marina Beech my Akashic Oracle deck. As the front of the box states the akashic records are really the keys to unlocking your future.

They are also your keys to unlocking your past lives and current life as they are your records of every choice, decision, action you have made as a soul because they exist across all time, dimension and space as an all encompassing record of your soul’s energy good, bad and ugly.

I had my astrology chart read last week by @Michelle Barnsey and my main reflection is this is another key to access your akashic records, looking at the records from a planetary energy influences perspective. At the end of the day, it is all about energy, as we are one with the planets as we are one with Mother Earth, the rest of the universe and divine/god.

Unlocking your future, present and past supports you master yourself as an energetic being in an energetic universe, heal karmic patterns you have created or inherited, and remember your gifts.

The modality/s you use to get there are completely subjective given we are individuated parts of the divine and have free will but should lead you back to the oneness, to unconditional love and light. If it doesn’t, I would seriously be questioning whether you are using the right key/s to support you connect to your future, present and past and help you heal, remember, and move into and stay in the light and love of the divine and oneness. Choose your keys wisely 🔑 💖💫


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