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Divine Soul Blue Print

As an akashic record guide, I am fascinated by divine soul blue prints. Our divine soul blue prints are unique to us and no one of us is the same. Our divine soul blue print is how we best access vital force energy from the divine or universe. It is how we were first created and designed to receive that energy.

This photo is an artistic representation of my divine soul blue print by the amazing Victoria Webby. Through my akashic records reading sessions, I provide you with a verbal and recorded representation that you can relisten in order to understand yourself better at soul level.

I also have a soul specialisation in my blue print of restoration so have an innate understanding there is such a thing as a blue print and that we all have the ability to restore our original divine soul blue print as it was created at our point of origin. It gives me great joy therefore to support people get back into alignment with their divine soul blueprints and transform their lives by doing so.

We align to our divine soul blue prints by understanding who we are at soul level and through making choices at the level of action. All choices we make affect our divine soul blue print and either keep us connected to or disconnect us from our blue print depending on the energy of our choices and our awareness of ourselves at soul level.

Aligning with our divine soul blue print not only gives us access to vital force energy, it also gives us spiritual, mental and physical abundance which is something most of us strive for in this life.

So if you have holistic abundance in your life, it is because you are making choices aligned with your divine soul blue print. If you don't have abundance, I can support you remember your blue print and bring more abundance into your life 💖💫🌅


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